What we do
is time travel

We are an augmented reality (AR) studio who is dedicated to make people travel in time

Live it!

We found a way to travel in time.
Immerse yourself in an incredible journey
Our experience is

3D-Integrated in the environment



Our solutions

No matter the era you want to visit, we have an application for you

Time Passport

Our flagship application that lets you live
what made history sites famous

Create the future with your architectural projects.
View them on-site with your mobile


In the media

Time Passport's team of fearless
time travelers

Carina Poulin

Co-founder / CEO

Benoit Duinat

Co-founder / Technology

Philippe Fournier

Co-founder / Creation

Rémi Guillemette

Co-founder / Historical content

Pierre-Philippe Racine

Co-founder / Finance

Our partners

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No matter what era you are travelling in, we will be happy to help you get there.